New kind of experience

I was headed home and had to stop at a motel to get some sleep, it was about nine o’clock when I got up to my room, I wanted something to eat so I got back in my car and drove to a place down the street, I noticed a big night club across the street called Divas, when I sat down I couldnt help but think how I was always curious what another women would be like as a sex partner but never had the nerve to try, or met the right women to fill my curious thoughts. After I ate I ask the waitress what that place was like across the street, and she told me it was a nice place for opening minded people that was very open to bi and homosexual people. My thoughts keep wondering how a sexy girl in my arms would be like. So I thought I’d give it a try I walked in and they told me that it’s lady’s night and I sat at the table and got a drink, the music was a little loud and I noticed on the dance floor a lot of girls where dancing close together,I couldn’t help but notice two very sexy girls slow dancing without a top in just their bra’s, to be honest it turned me on watching them, When the song was over they walked by me and one of them smiled at me and I smiled back, I watched them sit down at another table, Another slow song came on and I was watching girls going to the dance floor, I was thinking if I had the nerve to ask another girl to slow dance with me, When the girl that smiled at me walked over to me and ask me to dance.

I felt a little to shy to say yes at first but she was so beautiful I just couldn’t tell this sexy girl no. When we got on the dance floor she was not shy at all and held me very close to her, I couldn’t help but to look down at her full breast in a very low cut bra that where pushed up next to mine, she smiled at me again and told me I was very beautiful and I said thank you so are you. I wasn’t sure what to say to her, so I ask her how girls can walk around and dance with no tops on,she stepped back just a little and said it was alright as long as you don’t get naked, I told her I don’t think I could do it, and she told me as sexy as you look babe why not, she put one hand on my chest and started unbuttoning my blouse, her other hand was pulling my blouse out from my skirt.I started to tell her no, but her hands felt so soft on my chest and back I just couldn’t tell her no. She took my blouse off and put it down on my table and come back over to me, and told me how sexy I looked in my cute bra. we were dancing and she put both of her hands on my hips had started whispering in my ear how good I felt and how sexy I looked, she was rubbing my body and slip her fingers down the back of my skirt a little, and smiled and said you have a thong on don’t you, and I said yes it matches my black bra, she leaned down and kissed my neck soft and whispered in my ear that she would love to see me naked and wanted me, and started kissing my ear and neck again. My whole body was wanting her to touch me more, I was so turned on I put my hands on her bare hips, and kissed her neck and whispered to her I wanted her too. I kissed her neck and started touching her tits through her bra they felt so soft and smooth, she smiled at me and said to be careful or the owner would kick us out if he see’s us touching more then we should be, I thought I had to have this girl and whispered to her if she wanted to come to my hotel room tonight, so we can dance some more in private, she smiled at me and said that she would love to.

When we got back to my room she quickly help me take my blouse back off and I help get her’s off, we put on some soft music and started holding each other again, she started kissing on my neck very passionately and undid my bra. I was wanting her more with every kiss.I kissed her back and unfastened her bra, she had very natural and firm breast, we touched each others breast at the same time and I loved her touch and loved her softness and how her skin was so pretty and smooth, she undid my skirt and pulled it down, and quickly took off my thong, I was naked before her and she told me I was the sexiest girl she has very been with, I told her that she was beautiful and that I have never been with a girl before, she smiled at me and said really I guess I should have told you something at the club, she said I’m afraid to tell you now, at this point I was so turned on wanting her I didn’t care what she wanted to tell me I wanted her. I started to take her skirt off and she stopped me and said she wanted to show me how a girl could give me pleasure. She pushed me back so I was sitting in a chair and kneeled before me. She started kissing and licking on my breast and sucking on my nipples, she put her tongue on every inch of my body and I couldn’t wait for her to get to my already wet crotch, I started grabbing her breast and ask her to please touch my crotch, she went down on me and put her tongue in me. I never felt anything like this from a man, seems like she know just how to please me. She was in perfect rhythm with me moving my hips into her, licking me all around my crotch ,sucking on my crotch lips and clit, then putting her tongue in me as deep as she could, she then grabbed my ass cheek and started sucking on my clit again. I was in a pleasure place I have never been before, my whole body got stiff and I started shaking a little and moaned loudly as I came like I never come before, seems like I just was coming over and over again and couldn’t stop, The whole time she never stop licking and sucking it all up. I thought I was in heaven and still wanted more, so I told her I just had to try to give her the same pleasure as she just give me.

She smiled at me and said I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you what I was at the club, she give me a kiss and said I’m so sorry but I can’t give you want you want, because I’m not a girl I’m a Transvestite. I was a little in shock and told her that there is no way a girl as beautiful as you are can have a dick, and she told me she was born that way, and she begged me again please don’t be mad at me. As shocked as I was I just couldn’t believe her and got up, and told her to sit down, and this time I got on my knees before her and give her a kiss and stared kissing on her neck and went to her breast and was licking and sucking on her hard nipples. she felt so good and I was so turned on again I whispered in her ear that I just had to see her for myself and she said alright, I went down and pulled off her skirt, and she had some kind of panties on that held her dick tucked in between her legs, I pulled them off of her and a dick spring up, this beautiful sexy girl had a very sexy looking dick and and shaved clean balls, I didn’t know what to say but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her dick, I reached up to her and told her she was beautiful and she kissed me, my tits were rubbing on her dick and I could fell it getting harder on my tits, I kissed her breast and reached down and put her dick in my hand, I had one hand on her breast and the other hand was stroking her hard dick, she look so sexy and pretty and turned on, I just had to give her pleasure for all the pleasure she give me, I licked her body down to her dick and started licking her shaft and balls, she felt so smooth I loved my lips and tongue on her, I started licking the head of her dick then started sucking on it, she started holding my head down and started moving her hips up and down like she was fucking my mouth, and all the time was moaning and begging me to suck harder. I was sucking her dick deeper and deeper down my throat and was trying my best to deep throat her dick down to her smooth balls. her dick felt so good moving in and out of my mouth, I never loved giving a BJ this much. She stated moaning more and more and told me she was going to cum, I got so excited I pushed her dick as deep down my throat as I could and felt her cum shooting into my throat. I tried to swallow every drop but she had too big a load, some cum was running down her dick shaft and onto her balls, I quickly started licking up all I let slip out of my mouth until she was clean.

We both got up and was holding each other and softly caressing each others body, she told me a again she was sorry for not being honest with me, and I told her how could I be mad at anyone who could give me this much pleasure giving and receiving, and I told her she was the best lover I have ever had. She ask me if I was disappointed that I still didn’t get a crotch that I was so curious about, and I sad well maybe just a little bit. She then told me that the girl at the club dancing with her was a girl and that she wanted me also,but we flipped a coin and I won so I got you, then she told me if I could stay another night we could go back to the club and she would introduce her to me. I remembered how beautiful she was also, and told her I’d love to as long as we all come back to my room together, she kissed me and said that she would love to. I ask her to stay the night with me and we went to bed and was holding each other, I left a light on cause I wanted to look at her beautiful body and I was caressing her body until she went to sleep. And I was thinking that tomorrow night would be a great night to write a story about.

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