Finally an Orgasm

It was just after my eighteenth birthday and I was just having a few drinks with a friend of mike. We somehow got on to the topic and how I had never been able to have an orgasm even though I had been with two different guys. She told me she’d have to change that. I laughed thinking it was a joke.

The next weekend on the Sunday she told me that we were going to one of her friends houses for a drink. It was the middle of the afternoon when I drove us there.
Her friend was about 6’2 short sandy blonde hair broard shoulders toned body, I could tell from his shirt that he had a 6-pak. He was built like a soldier. Which I later found out he was an ex British soldier.
We had a few drinks and he made me laugh. I just couldn’t stop drooling over him.
We all ended up back at my place and had a few drinks.

After awhile I felt him put his hand on my leg and slowly moving his thumb around in circles on my leg.
I couldn’t believe this was happening. I got up to go refill my drink inside and my friend followed me in. She told me he was the guy to give me the orgasm that I had never had and he was a legand in the sack. I knew he was an old fuck buddy of hers so I wasn’t sure I should do anything. She told me to go for it if he wanted it.
We sat back outside and he never took his hand off my leg. It was sending tingles all through my body.
My friend had also warned me that he never kissed and if he wanted it he would just take you into a room and have you.

I went into my room to go get a new pack of cigarettes. As I turned around from closing the door there he was in the hallway. He lightly pushed me against my bedroom door put his hand on my cheek and kissed me. He said “I want you, let’s take her home so we can be alone” I nodded my head suprised that he kissed me. He was doing everything oppisite to what my friend told me he would do.

We got in his car my friend driving it, which she was so excited about (he usually never let anyone drive his car, it was his little baby) I was in the front seat and he sat in the back behind me.

As we were driving down the road I felt his hand moving up and down my leg next to the door.
When we pulled into her driveway she got out and so did he they said goodbye and I waved from inside the car. He got into the drivers seat, reversed out of her driveway and started driving down the street. Only to pull over a short time later. I asked “what’s wrong?” he then lent over and kissed me with force yet it was soft. His tounge moved in between my lips and dam did I melt. It was the best kiss I had ever had. He moved back and said “been wanting to do that since we got in the car”.

When we got back to my place we went straight to my bed. Making out on my bed like a couple of teenagers.
He took my top and bra off and kissed his way down to my breasts. Nipping, sucking and licking both nipples. He started to undo my shorts. I lifted my hips up off the bed so he could take them off as well as my panties. He sat up and took his shirt off and moved in between my legs lowering his head he never once stoped looking into my eyes just before he hit my sweet spot he gave me a wink. I was so hot and wet and ready for anything he was about to do to me. I thought he was I good kisser but that was nothing compared to what he could do to my pussy. It was exquisite torture. Within 5 mins I was having my first ever orgasm.

I pushed him on to the bed and pulled his pants off. He was hard a rock around 9 inches but had a kink at the end of his cock which I had never seen before. It was interesting and I was wondering how it would feel. I started sucking him showing him every trick I knew. I had to re adjust some due to the kink but from his moans I knew he was enjoying it.

Just as I was really getting into it he lifted me up layed me down on my back and straddled one of my legs, lifting the other onto his shoulder. He slowly pushed every inch inside my pussy. On the first stroke I found that his kink at the end of his cock hit a g-spot inside me every time. In no time at all I was having my seconded orgasm.
He took me in every position I knew and some I didn’t have a clue about. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, at the end of the bed, up against the wall, on my desk, sitting in my computer chair the list goes on. I lost count after the 8th orgasm and was in heven. I found out that he could get an instant hard on after cuming and lost count on how many times he filled my pussy. After 6 hours of non stop sex (judging by the time on my clock) we fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up early and got ready for work. He told me we would have to do this again and gave me his number and a kiss as he left.

I did see him again but never had sex with him since when ever we bumped into each other I was taken.
But I will always remember my first orgasm and seconded, and third, and forth……

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