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How she gets turned on story from Tina

When I get horny, I sometimes like to go to the community pool at my apartment and expose myself. I chicken out if other people are very close, but is they are far…. I usually pull my inner labia out each side of my bikini and walk to the pool with my lips hanging out.

My lips are long, so they can hang out about an inch on each side. If anyone gets too close to me, I hide it somehow, or turn to the side, but its really hot anyways. I always lay out there to tan, and I like to have just one side of my pussy somewhat exposed, so it looks unintentional, and I lay there with my sunglasses on and pretend to be asleep while I watch people on the other side of the pool.

One time recently I was really hot and got up the courage to NOT hide it when a guy came walking over by me. I just laid there, I could feel my pussy throbbing at the thought of him seeing my left lip out in the sun, I swear it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest the closer he got. But I just laid there, pretending to sleep, and I watched as he walked about two feet away from my toes! I swore I was going to orgasm, it was so hot. the next two minutes I could feel my pussy getting drenched as I laid there “sleeping.” A few minutes later, he walked by again, and then again, and every time it was AWESOME, but eventually I pretended to wake up and stood up to leave.

I noticed where he sat down, and I gathered my things to leave. I then turned so that he had my front view and I pretended to not notice him as I reached down and adjusted my bikini bottom. This was super hot too!! Unfortunately, as I adjusted my bikini, I accidentally pulled it a little too far, and my inner labia popped out on the other side. I panicked about this for a split second, and then realized how hot it was, so I left it alone, pretending not to notice.

I then walked directly by him, watching out of the corner of my sunglasses as he stared at my lip. Again, I could feel my pussy getting wet like it was a water hose. I was carrying my things in my right hand, so no one else could see my lip as I walked out, and I almost dropped my keys, which gave me an idea: I then dropped my tanning lotion “on accident” after I passed by him, and then I squatted down to pick it up, giving him the perfect rear view of my right pussy lip hanging out of my bikini as I picked it up. I held my squat just a little too long, but then I got up and walked away, never looking back. My entire pussy was aching for stimulation all the way home. I took care of that promptly!