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Heather in the window

I don’t considered myself a hardcore handyman, although I do prefer to do my own home maintenance, etc. but to make things easier I bought a house on ground level. There is a small patch of trees behind the houses on my street, allowing privacy behind us. Recently I had finished painting the outside of the house. I went inside, took a shower and was deciding where to go for dinner when I realized that I had left the ladder in the backyard. I went outside around the back of the house and was about to move the ladder when I noticed the light on in an upstairs window of the house next to me. Standing in front of a mirror with her back to me was Heather, my next door neighbor. I could only see her from the waist up but she appeared to be naked.

Her hands lifted her long brown hair into a bun on top of her head and as she fastened it, I fastened my eyes to the sight of her naked chest, full and firm. I held on to the ladder, mesmerized for a few minutes. Heather is a French professor at the local college. She is also a widow; her husband was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago. Suddenly she turned around and evidently saw me staring at her. The light went out in her bathroom and I put the ladder away in the storage shed behind my house. When I moved away from the shed I saw her standing in her lit bedroom, facing the window, seemingly waiting for me. Embarrassed at having been caught peeping, as it were, I nevertheless looked at her. She was completely naked, revealing a body I had often wondered about.

She seemed to not care that I could see her. Her face lacked any emotion, but she began massaging her tits with her hands. I watched almost obediently, not believing that this woman was exposing herself to me on purpose. She taught Sunday school at our church, and she was taunting me with her body!  Then she moved one hand between her legs and spread her legs slightly. Her hand covered her dark patch as she used the other hand to motion to me. She used a motion to hint for me to unzip my jeans, and she used her fist in a classic stroking motion to invite me to masturbate. I hesitated but my cock was already hard.

As soon as I unzipped my jeans and took out my erection, Heather began fingering herself. I stared at her while my hand performed its task. She shoved her fingers inside her and sucked on them over and over and my hand moved faster. Finally, she clutched one breast with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Her eyes closed, she bit her lower lip and I presumed she was having an orgasm.

Then she began a ritual of slipping her fingers inside her, sucking on them and inserting them again. She nodded at me, obviously urging me to come. When I did, sending splerts onto the grass below me, she smiled, clapped her hands briefly and moved away from the window. The light went out and I retreated to my house to wipe and tuck.

The next night after work I went out to the shed to get an flashlight. When I approached the shed, I looked over and saw the bedroom light on again in Heather’s house. As I locked the shed and started toward the house, I looked up there and she was standing there again, naked and facing the window. I stopped in my tracks, puzzled at what to do.

I knew that conversations with her in the future would be awkward. I had considered that, after a respectable period of time, I might ask her out. But given the fact that we had watched each other masturbate, I couldn’t imagine how to start a conversation with her.

She was holding a rather large silver colored vibrator and she slipped her mouth suggestively over the tip of it. Once again, she gave me the sign to unzip and masturbate. I felt stupid, standing in the middle of my backyard in still very daylight hours, getting ready to jerk my cock while drooling over my widowed neighbor.

But I obliged her. Dropping the flashlight, I unzipped and prepared to join her in her folly. She moved slightly to the side, pulled a chair right in front of the window and sat down. She hooked her legs over the arms of the chair and moved her ass to the edge of the chair. Soon she was pumping the vibrator in and out, slowly at first, then increasing the pace and the depth.

Occasionally I diverted my eyes from her pussy to her face. She was licking her lips with her tongue and her eyes were fixed on me. I was so turned on I wanted to go to her front door, barge in, run upstairs and replace that vibrator with my cock. But this was the game she wanted to play.

Finally, she began rubbing her clit as she fucked herself with the vibe and tilted her head back. I assumed she was coming and I deposited another load onto the ground below me, hoping it wouldn’t kill the grass. When she finished, she sucked the end of the vibe as she faced me, pushed the chair back, stood up, smiled and moved out of sight. The light went off in her window and I wobbled feebly back into the house.

Once inside, I realized I had left the flashlight on the ground, probably right where I dumped my load, but I didn’t care at that point.

The next day, which was Saturday, I was taking a bag of trash to the curb outside when Heather came out of her house. She waved and smiled at me and came towards the trash can where I stood. THIS was going to be interesting!

Someone else came out of her house behind her, pulling a suitcase on wheels.

“Jake; I have someone I’d like you meet,” Heather said warmly. Suddenly another Heather appeared, smiling knowingly at me.

“Amy, this is Jake; Jake, this is Amy, my sister,” explained Heather. “She stopped by to see me for a couple days on her way home to New Jersey.”

Amy extended her hand and I shook it. She held on and placed the other hand on it as she shook it. “You have such a firm grip, Jake; do you work out?” she asked.

“Ah, no, not really,” I answered, knowing she was enjoying my embarrassment.

“Well, you have nice hands; I’m sure you can do wonderful things with them,” she said. I was trying to think of something clever to say about her fingers or her vibrator, but she was too quick.

She turned and hugged Heather and put her suitcase in her car. She turned and smiled at me as she got in her car. “It was nice meeting you, Jake; I hope to SEE you again sometime,” she said with a wink.

“She seems nice, and you two look like twins,” I said after Amy had driven away.

“Yes, we ARE twins” said Heather. Then she backed away slowly and said, “Amy told me how you watched her the other night.”

I almost freaked out, struggling at how to reply when she continued, “But I hope you liked my performance last night better…” and she giggled and went back into her home.